Consumer news

Misleading win-a-smartphone promotion, ECC Netherlands
There is currently a win-a-smartphone promotion active. Against payment of a few euros, you are promised the opportunity of winning an expensive iPhone or Samsung telephone. As soon as you accept the offer, it turns out there is a catch. An amount between € 50 and € 100 is charged to your credit card for a subscription. A misleading win promotion with expensive consequences.
Fines Ryanair and Wizz Air for carry-on baggage policy, ECC Netherlands
The Italian competition authority AGCM has imposed substantial fines on both Ryanair and Wizz Air for charging mark-ups on large carry-on baggage. According to the Authority, this is in breach of the transportation conditions. Ryanair was fined €3,000,000 and Wizz Air was fined €1,000,000.
New geo-blocking rules from 3 December 2018, ECC Netherlands
Equal rights for consumers throughout the EU as of 3 December 2018. From that date, new geo-blocking rules took effect that ensure discrimination against consumers making cross-border purchases is no longer permitted. As a result, consumers can now easily compare prices and shop anywhere in the EU under the same terms and conditions that apply in the country the webshop is based.
European court clarifies complaint procedure for baggage damage, ECC Netherlands
In case of damage or loss of baggage you are required to report this to the airline in writing and within a certain period. If you neglect to do this or are too late, you lose the right for compensation. What about when you file your complaint over the phone? The European Court clarifies this issue in a statement.
European court clarifies the right for reimbursement, ECC Netherlands
An airline ticket can be purchased directly from an airline or through an intermediary, such as a travel agency or booking website. An intermediary usually charges an additional fee aside from the ticket price for their mediating role. Does a passenger have the right to reimbursement of this part of the ticket price if the flight is cancelled? The European Court made a statement to clarify this issue.