Corona vouchers and administrative charges: what you need to know!

Businesses that offer vouchers during the corona crisis are not allowed to disadvantage you if you opt for a refund in the form of a voucher. The company is not allowed to not deduct charges. The voucher must be exactly the same value as the purchase price of your travel, flight, or event ticket. We explain what you can do if charges are deducted.

Corona vouchers and administrative charges: what you need to know! ECC Netherlands

Value of voucher must be equal to purchase price 

If a business is unable to provide a product or service, you are normally entitled to a full refund of the purchase price, including reservation fees, administration charges and any other costs the company charged you for your purchase. Due to the corona crisis, it is not financially viable for many companies to refund you now, which is why some companies have started offering vouchers. If you opt for a refund in the form of a voucher, the value of the voucher may not be lower than the purchase price. The company may not deduct any charges from the voucher. 

Do not accept vouchers worth less than what you paid! 

If you received a voucher for a cancelled trip, flight, or event and it is lower in value than the amount you originally paid, do not accept the voucher! Let the company know you disagree with the fact the voucher does not reflect the full value of the purchase price.

ECC template letter

Use the ECC template letter: unjustified deduction of charges from voucher to inform the business that the value of the voucher does not correspond with the purchase price and that you do not accept this. You can download the template in two languages, for free! Give the company 4 weeks to respond. 

Notify ACM ConsuWijzer (the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets)

If the company fails to respond by the deadline you stipulated, or if your request is rejected without a sound reason, notify ACM ConsuWijzer. The supervisory body is taking decisive action against companies that fail to abide by the rules during the corona crisis. 

Complaint about an overseas company? Ask the ECC for help!  

If you live in the Netherlands and have a dispute with an overseas company based in another EU country, ask our lawyers for help. If you do not live in the Netherlands, but in Belgium, for example, and you have a query/complaint about a Dutch company, contact the ECC in Belgium.

Free legal advice

If your complaint is about a Dutch company, contact het Juridisch Loket (the Legal Services Counter) for free legal advice. The Juridisch Loket provides assistance with legal queries.