Coronavirus and flight voucher: this is what you need to know!

In the event of a flight cancellation due to the corona virus, an airline is temporarily allowed to offer you a flight voucher as an alternative to rebook the flight or reimburse the ticket price. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure allows this initiative despite it being contrary to European rules.

Coronavirus and flight voucher: this is what you need to know! ECC Netherlands

Why a flight voucher and no rebooking or refund?

According to European law, you are entitled to rebook the flight or ask for a refund of the ticket in the event of a flight cancellation. However, the flight possibilities are limited due to the corona pandemic. Offering to rebook is nearly impossible and most airlines do not have enough money to refund hundreds of thousands of tickets in the short term. Therefore, the travel voucher has been created. It should prevent that airlines going bankrupt and you losing your money.

Flight voucher conditions

With the flight voucher you can book a new flight at a later moment in time. If you do not use the voucher, you retain the right to a refund.

  • Validity
    The flight voucher is valid for a maximum of twelve months. You can book a new flight before the expiry date of the voucher.
  • Value flight voucher
    The value of the voucher is equal to the amount you paid for the flight ticket.
  • Flight voucher not used? Ask for refund!
    If you have accepted the flight voucher and you are not able to use it, you are entitled to a full refund of the ticket price. The airline takes the initiative to repay. 

Because the issue of the voucher is an exceptional measure, the airline may only offer it to you in the period from the 1st of March to June 30th 2020. The airline must also communicate clearly and honestly about the conditions of the flight voucher.

Flight voucher: accept or decline?

You are not required to accept the airline’s travel voucher. If you refuse the voucher, you are entitled to a refund of the ticket. An airline may not impose the flight voucher on you. This also expressed by the European Commissioner of Transport.

Airline refuses to refund my ticket

Have you refused the flight voucher and the airline does not refund the ticket? Then let the airline know that you do not agree with this! Make your complaint known in writing, via the website or by e-mail. With our template letter ‘Flight cancelled due to the corona virus? Ask for a refund!’, you can claim the money you are entitled to. You can download this letter in English and Dutch.

Your consumer rights in the light of the corona virus

The consequences of the corona pandemic are huge for everyone involved. What you are legally entitled to, does not always mean that claiming your right us the right thing to do.

Any questions? Ask us! 

Do you have questions about the flight voucher, or would you like to submit a complaint about a foreign airline, based in another EU-country, UK, Iceland or Norway? Please contact our lawyers via the online contact form. Is your question or complaint about a Dutch airline? Then contact the Legal Service Desk for free legal assistance.