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Submit a complaint

When having a complaint about a trader from a different EU member state, Norway or Iceland and you are unable to mutually agree on a solution, you can ask the European Consumer Centre for legal assistance. Our legal specialists will help you to solve this issue. This is done by means of mediation. Our services are free of charge!


Submitting a complaint

Submit your complaint. Explain the issue and attach relevant documents.


Review of your complaint

Our legal specialists will review your complaint and contact you within 5 working days after receiving the complaint.



The mediation procedure starts. If it is not possible to mediate in your complaint, we will inform you about alternative options.

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Do you have a complaint about an entrepreneur from a different EU country or from Norway or Iceland?
We mediate between consumers and entrepreneurs who are based in another EU member state, Norway or Iceland. Unfortunately it is not possible to handle your complaint.

Do you have a complaint about a Dutch entrepreneur? Then contact the Juridisch Loket or ConsuWijzer service for free help. Does your complaint concern a purchase from outside the EU, such as China or the United States? Read here what you can do then.

Did you purchase the product or service as a consumer, not in the course of your trade of profession?
We help consumers solve a complaint. If you have purchased a product or service for business use, we are unfortunately unable to handle your complaint. We advise you to contact the Ondernemersplein or the Authority for Consumers and Markets.
Did you already submit your complaint to the entrepreneur via email or letter?
Always first make your complaint known in writing to the entrepreneur in order to give it a chance to offer a solution. Is your complaint not being responded to? Then we will gladly help you further.