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bankruptcy Metem, webshop bankrupt, airbike, superzaklamp,
Bankruptcy Metem International B.V. 
On 28 November 2017 the Court of Amsterdam declared the bankruptcy of the Dutch webshop Metem International B.V. This tr...
passenger rigts, problems travel, airline trouble
Share your travel experiences
Flight delays or cancellations can be a source of irritation. You must know the feeling. Passengers often don’t know wha...
mobile device at sea, wifi, costs mobile
Prevent high costs when using your mobile device at sea
Since 15 June 2017, providers have no longer been allowed to charge additional costs when you use your mobile device to...
money refund, flight delay, flight cancellation, flight claim, claim
European Court clarifies definition of “flight distance”
For longer flight delays, passengers often have a right to financial compensation. The amount of the compensation is bas...