Bankruptcy Athleteshop

On 2 July 2018 the court declared the bankruptcy of the Dutch webshop Athleteshop. Apparently the webshop of the former ice skater Yuri Solinger, suffered financial problems for some time. The non-delivery of products caused a lot of complaints from consumers. Have you placed an order but have you not received it? The ECC gives you advice on what to do.

bankruptcy Athleteshop, ECC netherlands

Charge back 

Did you pay by credit card? We advise you to ask your credit card company to investigate the payment and to refund the money. You can request a refund of the purchase price due to non-delivery. 


File a claim

If you have ordered a product from Athleteshop and you have never received it, you can file a claim at the liquidator in this bankruptcy. The designated curator in this bankruptcy is Mr. P.T. Baker of law firm BENK Advocaten. You can send your claim by regular post or by email to or via the registration form on the website of the liquidator. It is possible to do this in Dutch and English. 

You can use the sample letter ECC: claim after bankruptcy to submit your claim at the liquidator. Don’t forget to attach all relevant documents. For example a copy of the order confirmation and proof of payment.


Questions? Just ask!

Do you have questions about the bankruptcy procedure of Athleteshop? Please contact our lawyers for help and advice.