Safe online shopping

It is easy to compare prices online and find the best deal, but do you even know from whom you are buying and how reliable the web shop in question is? The seller is required to provide you with clear and understandable information.

Safe online shopping, ECC Netherlands

Good to know

What information must be included on the online shop?

  • It must be clear when you are buying something and when you are still able to click on without any obligations;
  • The order button must clearly mention that clicking it completes the sale;
  • The seller must list the most important information again at the moment before ordering;
  • The site must contain information about the seller’s privacy and cookie policies;
  • Boxes for additional products or services cannot be checked in advance.


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Tips for buying online safely

The internet is filled with unreliable entrepreneurs. They are out to get your money or do not follow the rules. There is a significant chance of falling victim to one of these malicious entrepreneurs. We have listed some tips to help you minimise this risk:

  • When you pay by credit card, it is easier to get your money back if there is a problem;
  • Check the seller’s privacy statement for details on what is done with your personal information;
  • Check whether the website is secure: look for the padlock icon in your browser’s address bar;
  • Check whether the website is a member of a branch association or whether it has any other hallmarks;
  • Always read the website’s general terms and conditions;
  • Make sure you always have the seller’s name and contact information;
  • Read other consumers’ reviews of the seller.


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I want to purchase something online. What payment options are here?

An online shop often offers several payment options:

  • Internet banking
  • Credit card
  • A digital giro
  • Cash on delivery

Each payment method is different and has its own risks. Therefore, choose your payment method wisely.
Is the only option to pay the full amount in advance? Ask yourself whether you trust the shop enough to buy the product there and to pay the full amount in advance.



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