Flight calculator

Do you wonder what your rights are when your flight is delayed or cancelled? Or when your flight is overbooked or if there are problems with your luggage? With the flight calculator you can easily find out whether you are entitled to a compensation and in which form.

Air passenger rights

Is your flight delayed, overbooked or cancelled? Within the EU, there are regulations that offer you protection and possibly a right to compensation. These rules are found in European Regulation 261/2004. They apply to any flight that departs from an EU nation and to all flights from European airlines that arrive in an EU country.

It’s never pleasant when you encounter problems before, during or after your flight. Luckily you are often entitled to compensation. The European Consumer Centre helps and assists you to claim your compensation. Our services are free of charge. 

Flight calculator

Check your flight rights with our flight calculator. Within a few steps you know if you are entitled to compensation in case of air travel delay, air travel cancellation or overbooking of your flight.

More about passenger rights

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