What does ECC do?

The European Consumer Centre (ECC) is an independent public service provider with branches in each EU country, Norway, Iceland and the UK. We inform EU consumers about their rights and duties when making a purchase in a foreign country. We advise and assist you when you have a conflict with an entrepreneur in a different EU country, Norway, Iceland or the UK.

We help you by acting as mediators between you and the entrepreneur. We are an independent party and inform both parties about their legal position. It is our goal to reach a solution that is reasonable and acceptable to both parties. If the mediation does not lead to the desired result, we can inform you as a consumer about the legal steps you may take.

ECC Netherlands is the Dutch branch of the network of European Consumer Centres, the ECC-Net. This network is an initiative from the European Commission (EC) and the EU member states. ECC Netherlands receives financial support from the Ministry of Justice and Security (JenS) and is housed under the Legal Aid and Advice Centre (JL).

If you do not live in the Netherlands, but in a different EU country, Norway, Iceland or the UK and if you have a conflict with a Dutch entrepreneur, please contact the ECC in your own country.

Consumentenrechten, Europees Consumenten Centrum

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What is ECC's method?

If you have bought something in a different EU country, Norway, Iceland or the UK and you have a complaint about your purchase, here is what you can do yourself and how you can submit your complaint to us.

We will send you a written confirmation as soon as possible after receiving your filled-out complaint form. You will be notified if we will forward your complaint to the ECC in the entrepreneur’s country for evaluation. This ECC will decide whether your complaint is eligible for mediation. This decision is made based on:

  • Laws and regulations;
  • Prior legal rulings (jurisprudence);
  • Our prior experience;
  • The standards of reasonableness and fairness.


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How long does it take for my complaint to be handled?

We handle complaints in the order of their submission. The duration of our mediation depends on the workload of the ECCs and on the entrepreneur’s response time. We will inform you via telephone or email when our foreign colleagues have received a response from the entrepreneur.

How the rest of the procedure goes depends on your individual complaint and the possible solution being offered. If there are any developments on your part, be sure to inform us. This may contribute to a successful mediation.


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What happens when the ECC’s mediation does not lead to any results?

Our mediation is often successful. However, if the entrepreneur refuses to cooperate or if they disagree with your complaint, we will be forced to stop our mediation. We are an extrajudicial organisation and cannot conduct enforcement activities. You are always free to take the matter to court. In that case, we can inform you about the possibilities.


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What are the costs of the ECC’s mediation?

The mediation of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) is free of charge.


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How does the ECC use my personal data?

The European Consumer Centre (ECC) treats your personal data as confidential and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use your personal data to answer your question or deal with your complaint. Discover more by reading our privacy statement.


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I have a complaint/compliment about the ECC. What can I do?

The employees of the European Consumer Center (ECC) will always try to provide you with the best possible service. If you had an unpleasant experience and when you are dissatisfied with our service, it is possible to submit an official complaint. We consider every complaint as an opportunity to improve the quality of our service and to help consumers even better in the future.

Complaint handling procedure

There are two ways to submit a complaint, by telephone via +31(0)30 232 64 40 or in writing. In writing this can be done by means of a complaint form. Please send the letter to the following address:

European Consumer Centre
Attn. Director ECC
Postbus 487
3500 AL Utrecht

Read more about the complaint procedure.

Compliment or suggestion

Are you satisfied with our service? Do you want to thank one of our employees or do you have any suggestions for us? Please let us know! We are happy to hear your feedback. You can do so by emailing us at communicatie@eccnederland.nl


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