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OUR STORY  - In 2005, the European Commission and the EU Member States decided that a network was needed to make it easier for consumers to exercise their rights in the EU, Norway, Iceland and the UK, to increase consumer confidence in the EU and eliminate language barriers. The ECC Net was founded. This is a unique and independent network. Today, it comprises more than 100 legal specialists providing consumers in over 30 countries legal assistance in their own language.
Since founding the ECC Network in 2005, the European Commission and national governments have been working together to assist consumers. In the Netherlands, the European Consumer Centre is financially supported by the European Commission and the Ministry of Justice and Security. We are proud to be part of a European network that blends out borders, offering consumers that have a dispute with a company the protections they enjoy in their own country across all 30 countries. On a non-profit basis.
Consumer rights do not stop at the border!
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Contact Linda van Zanten, Communications Advisor of ECC Netherlands, for media requests. We are pleased to provide you with information to deliver trustworthy news and will do our best to accommodate all requests as fast as possible.
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