Bankruptcy LIL

On 24 April 2018 the Court of North Holland declared the bankruptcy of the Dutch webshop BV. This trader owned several webshops, such as,, and The Dutch ECC received some complaints from consumers over the past months. They claimed to have made a purchase on one of these websites, but they encountered problems with the delivery.

What can I do?

Have you purchased a product at one of LIL.B.V.’s webshops and have you not received it? File your claim at the liquidator in bankruptcy. You can send a letter to:

DVB Advocaten
Att. mr. R.J.Frans
Burcht 11
1501 BA Zaandam
Or send an email to . You may direct this email to mr. R.J. Frans.
Don’t forget to attach all relevant documents. For example a copy of the order confirmation and proof of payment. 

Did you pay by credit card? Then we advise you to also contact your credit card company in order to ask for a refund of the purchase price due to non-delivery. This way you ask the credit card company to investigate the payment and to refund the money.

More information?

Contact our lawyers for help and advice.