Klacht indienen, ECC Nederland

File a complaint


To file a complaint, you must first go over the checklist. This is used to determine whether your complaint falls under our services.

  • Do you have a complaint about an entrepreneur from a different EU country or from Norway or Iceland?
  • Did you purchase the product or service as a consumer, not in the course of your trade of profession?
  • Did you already submit your complaint to the entrepreneur via email or letter?

When you answered ‘Yes!’ to these three questions, then you can send your complaint to info@eccnederland.nl

Assessment of your complaint

In order to assess your complaint, you must provide us with all relevant information and documents, such as:

  • Your personal data;
  • Information about the trader;
  • Clear description of your complaint;
  • Your preferred solution;
  • Copy of the contract ;
  • Copy of your receipt;
  • Any correspondence between you and the entrepreneur.

Need help?

Do you need any help with submitting you complaint or do you want to know more about our method of working? Please contact our lawyers or check out ‘Our method’ page.