Our method

If you have bought something in a different EU country or in Norway or Iceland and you have a complaint about your purchase, here is what you can do yourself and how you can submit your complaint to us.

We will send you a written confirmation as soon as possible after receiving your filled-out complaint form. You will be notified if we will forward your complaint to the ECC in the entrepreneur’s country for evaluation. This ECC will decide whether your complaint is eligible for mediation. This decision is made based on:

  • Laws and regulations;
  • Prior legal rulings (jurisprudence);
  • Our prior experience;
  • The standards of reasonableness and fairness.


Good to know

How long does it take for my complaint to be handled?

We handle complaints in the order of their submission. The duration of our mediation depends on the workload of the ECCs and on the entrepreneur’s response time. We will inform you via telephone or email when our foreign colleagues have received a response from the entrepreneur.

How the rest of the procedure goes depends on your individual complaint and the possible solution being offered. If there are any developments on your part, be sure to inform us. This may contribute to a successful mediation.

What happens when the ECC’s mediation does not lead to any results?

Our mediation is often successful. However, if the entrepreneur refuses to cooperate or if they disagree with your complaint, we will be forced to stop our mediation. We are an extrajudicial organisation and cannot conduct enforcement activities. You are always free to take the matter to court. In that case, we can inform you about the possibilities.

What are the costs of the ECC’s mediation?

Our mediation is free of charge.