Unsolicited goods

If you have ever received a product that you did not ask for, this is known as an unsolicited shipment. This is illegal by law. The seller cannot demand payment from you for the shipment. If the seller claims that he does have an agreement with you and that you consented to the shipment, it is up to them to prove that this is so.

Ongevraagde toezending, doos staat op de grond voor de voordeur van een woning

Good to know

What are unsolicited products?

Delivery of an unsolicited product is when you receive unsolicited goods or services and the seller asks you to pay for these, while you have not placed an order.

Received an unsolicited product

If you have received an unsolicited product, you are allowed to keep it without paying for it. If you would rather return the product anyway, you can contact the sender. The costs of the return shipment are for their account.

Note that if you choose to keep the product and pay for it, you will enter into an agreement with the entrepreneur after all.

The trader threatens to contact a debt collection agency. Do I pay for the unsolicited goods?

The trader has to prove that you agreed to receive subsequent deliveries. Did you not explicitly agree to subsequent deliveries? Then you are not obliged to pay.

I ordered a trial product, but now I receive subsequent deliveries. Is it possible to cancel these deliveries?

If you agreed to subsequent deliveries after the trial product was delivered, then these future deliveries are a part of the contract you have concluded with the trader. The trader may hold you to it.

However, did you order the trial product and the subsequent deliveries online? You will then have the opportunity to withdraw from the agreement, since the Distance Selling rules apply. You often will have a cooling-off period and can cancel the agreement. 

If I refuse to pay for unsolicited subsequent deliveries, can there be an imposed seizure?

A judge must always approve the seizure. A trader or a debt collecting agency cannot just seize out of the blue.