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To Court

If you cannot resolve your conflict with the seller and our mediation did not lead to the desired result, you can present the conflict to a judge. Before, you had to go through the standard, time-consuming and complicated legal procedure.

What are the rules?

Small-claims procedure

European order for payment procedure

Good to know

What is the small-claims procedure?

This is a simplified procedure through which you can present a conflict with a seller to a judge. This procedure is faster and simpler than the standard procedure. Your conflict has to meet several requirements to be eligible for this procedure.

If you would like to know more, take a look at this site.


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How do I start up a small-claims procedure?

As the plaintiff, you must fill out the standard claim form A. You fill out this form in the language of the court to which you address the request. The form is available in all official EU languages. You must also include evidence that supports your claim: the contract, any correspondence with the seller and a receipt.

Submit these documents along with claim form A to the authorised court. It is not always possible to submit the claim to the court in your own place of residence. Sometimes, you must send it to a court in the seller’s country. We can help you find an authorised court. You can find the standard claim form A here.


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What is an EPO-procedure?

The European order for payment procedure (EPO) simplifies the collection of international civil claims. You can start up this procedure if you have a conflict with a foreign entrepreneur. One condition is that the other party does not deny your right to a payment. There is no maximum claim for this procedure.


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How does the European order for payment procedure go?

You start up the procedure with standard forms that can be found on this website. With this form, you can submit your request to start up the procedure to the court. The request may be denied if the requirements are not met or if your claim is unfounded. There are no legal means to dispute a rejection of your claim.

If your request is well-founded, the judge will issue a European order for payment as soon as possible and usually within 30 days after your request.


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To which court must I submit my request for a European order for payment procedure?

In the Netherlands, you can submit your request for a European order for payment to:

’s-Gravenhage court

Sector civil law

General Affairs

PO box 20302

2500 EH The Hague


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